How to Keep Better Track of Your Holiday Calories

It’s the holiday season, and that means many people will be attending parties and lifting a glass… or two.

Many of us count calories when it comes to food, but we ignore the caloric intake associated with beverages. Where does wine fall on the adult beverage calorie spectrum?

Right in the middle.

An average serving of beer (12 ounces) has 150 calories. An average serving of liquor (1.5 ounces) has 100. An average serving of wine (5 ounces) has 120.

Of course, there are variables. Beer drinkers can save calories by drinking “Light” variations. Liquor drinkers often see their caloric intake jump, based on the beverage (such as Coca-Cola or orange juice) that’s mixed with the liquor. Sweet dessert-style wines carry more calories than white or red table wines.

This holiday season, be aware not only of what you’re drinking, but how much; your thighs will thank you.

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Tomorrow: How to be a responsible holiday party host.

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