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A Taste of History: Exploring Soave

Wine cellars. Villas. Churches. History. Traditions. Unique flavors. Magnificent landscapes. Welcome to the land of Soave, which can be experienced by following an itinerary of about 31 miles, winding around farms, wine estates, restaurants and historical attractions that lead to

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The Soave Zone: A Wine Region Steeped in History

The Soave zone is situated in the eastern part of the province of Verona in Italy’s Veneto region. The Soave zone — characterized by gentle rolling hills — includes parts or all of the areas belonging to the municipalities of

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How to Keep Those Champagne Bubbles… Bubbling

Twice each year, the question featured in today’s Wine FAQ comes up. The first inquiries start coming in a few weeks before Christmas, when people are making their plans for New Year’s Eve. Then there’s a lull until the end

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No Crying Over Spilled Red Wine

The January/February issue of Cook’s Illustrated has good news for anyone who spills red wine on their carpet — or someone else’s carpet. Don’t shake your head; it happens to everyone, sooner or later. The magazine tested three products formulated

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Napa Valley Opera House Will Not Be Dark Much Longer

I love music, and whenever I’m planning a trip for business or pleasure, I do some research online to see if there might be a concert of interest during the time I’ll be in the given area. I even keep

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Corsican Lamb Stew is Packed with Flavor for the Cold Winter Months

Stews are welcome additions to the dinner table during the cold winter months, and the following recipe for Corsican Lamb Stew is packed with flavor. This dish pairs nicely with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, and this recipe makes 4 servings.

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Pioneering Sonoma’s ‘West County’ Winegrowing Area

After graduating from the University of California at Davis in 1987, Bill Hunter spent time working at Rombauer Winery in St. Helena, Calif., and Bonny Doon Winery in Santa Cruz, Calif. — estates that are owned and operated by vintners

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Gallo Demonstrates That Big Isn’t Necessarily Bad

E. & J. Gallo Winery is one of the largest wine-producing companies in the world. Fortunately, considering the amount of acreage it farms, it also takes its stewardship of the land seriously.

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A Glass of Bubbly With Your Brake Service?

Given the history of liberal open container laws in some parts of Texas, I guess I should not be surprised by the story that appeared recently in the Dallas Morning News. In Fort Worth, a car dealership is opening up

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Sonoma County Seeks to Become 100% Certified Sustainable

Even in this enlightened environmental age, it’s difficult to imagine four or five neighboring wineries all adopting sustainable practices. There still are too many owners who either haven’t bought into the concept, or find the task of overhauling their long-established

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