A Taste-Tempting Touch of Bordeaux in Chicagoland

Bistro Bordeaux in Evanston, Ill., has become the go-to restaurant in Chicagoland — the word used to describe the city of Chicago and its suburbs — for an authentic French bistro experience.

“I see this as an authentic boutique bistro — something that is individual, unique and cannot be duplicated,” says proprietor Pascal Berthoumieux, a native of Bordeaux who relocated to Chicagoland after meeting, falling in love with and marrying an American student studying abroad.

Steak frites? Check. Coq au vin? Double check. Croque Madame? Triple check. The food is classic French bistro fare, prepared with flair by chef Michael Gottlieb. And the wine list is well selected, packed with French favorites, many of which are available by the glass.

But what sets Bistro Bordeaux apart is Berthoumieux, a man who possesses an engaging personality that makes customers feel like long-time friends the first time they visit.

Check out this video, and you’ll see why Berthoumieux is loved by Bistro Bordeaux diners.

Disclaimer: We have not tried the bottle-opening technique demonstrated in the video. It may work, or it may not. This video is presented for entertainment purposes only, and if you’re going to test the technique, start with a bottle that you got for Christmas and have been thinking about re-gifting.

While Berthoumieux takes a light-hearted approach to life, he’s all business when it comes to his restaurant, as he wants to ensure that each and every guest has a memorable experience. You can learn more about Bistro Bordeaux… and enjoy some French music… here.

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