Napa Valley Opera House Will Not Be Dark Much Longer

I love music, and whenever I’m planning a trip for business or pleasure, I do some research online to see if there might be a concert of interest during the time I’ll be in the given area.

I even keep a list of concert venues in various cities that I’ve visited or may one day visit, along with links to the event schedules on their websites.

Since I find myself in California’s North Coast wine country several times each year, I have a number of links to click when planning my trips there. The venues include The Palms in Winters, not far from the University of California Davis campus, to the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa.

In the city of Napa, I enjoyed a handful of shows at the historic Napa Valley Opera House. So, I was just a bit taken aback over the weekend when I clicked on my handy-dandy Napa Valley Opera house link and came face to face with this message: “We’re sorry, there are currently no events scheduled.”

I then read a short message on the venue’s homepage, and by pure coincidence, less than an hour later, I received an email confirming the news: The Napa Valley Opera House is being converted into the third City Winery restaurant, wine bar and music performance space.

The original City Winery is in New York City, and it was followed by a second in Chicago. Now, in what the email from City Winery describes as “a natural progression,” City Winery Napa is gearing up for an April opening in the Napa Valley Opera House building.

I find myself experiencing mixed emotions about this development. On the one hand, City Winery is a proven commodity when it comes to concert promotion, and its arrival in Napa is certain to vastly increase the number of shows scheduled in that city.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the uniqueness and independence of the Opera House, even if it did have a somewhat limited schedule of events.

I decided to check out the City Winery website and learned that Napa isn’t the only new venue being planned. The owners also are expanding into one of America’s great music cities — Nashville.

So, before too long, there will be four City Winery venues from which to choose.

And my personal list of potential concert destinations will continue to grow.

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