How to Keep Those Champagne Bubbles… Bubbling

Twice each year, the question featured in today’s Wine FAQ comes up.

The first inquiries start coming in a few weeks before Christmas, when people are making their plans for New Year’s Eve. Then there’s a lull until the end of January (i.e., now), which happens to be just a few weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, when it comes to celebrations, sparkling wine has earned “top of mind” status among revelers and romantics alike.

So, with that as a prelude, let’s get to today’s FAQ…

QUESTION: Does the shape of the glass really make a difference when drinking Champagne?

ANSWER: Absolutely. For most of wine history, sparkling wine was consumed in goblets with wide surface areas, also known as coupes. While stylish in appearance, the design served to hasten the demise of the wine’s bubbles, and also led to a somewhat “flat” taste.

Flutes, on the other hand, help conserve those bubbles, not to mention the wine’s aromas and flavors. When it comes to sparkling wine of any kind, a flute should be your glass of choice.

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