How About a Little Bling With That Bordeaux?

Historically, jewelry was used to denote status. Even in ancient Roman times, one couldn’t wear a ring unless they were of a certain rank.

Today, jewelry can still be a status symbol — hence the proliferation of the word, “bling” — but when a man gives jewelry to a woman, it generally carries different meaning.

In some cases, it may be a ticket out of the doghouse. But more often, it’s a token of love.

No wonder, then, that the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are big for jewelry stores.

Wine Country Jewelry is a manufacturer of unique grape- and wine-themed jewelry. Located in the heart of California’s Sonoma County wine region, it has been producing quality grape and wine jewelry for more than 30 years.

In addition to its website, its handcrafted grape jewelry can be found in exclusive boutiques and winery gift shops across the United States.

Necklace designs include grape bunches, Ah-So cork pullers, Champagne flutes, double wine glasses, a red wine bottle with grapes, and more.

Earrings feature similar designs, as well as corkscrews, hot air balloons and wine barrels. The company also sells a grapevine earring stand.

Bracelets, charms and pins also are available in a variety of styles and designs — all stylish and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for a significant other who enjoys drinking wine.

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