St. Patrick’s Day (Green) Beer Alternatives

If drinking green beer is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition for you, all I can say is: Enjoy!

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to drink wine with your St. Patty’s feast, but were wondering what kind to have… we’re here to help. After all, chances are you’ll be noshing on something you don’t normally have with wine.

Here are a few pairing ideas…

• With Corned Beef and Cabbage — The cabbage presents an almost unsolvable pairing conundrum, so we suggest isolating it and having it between bites of corned beef and sips of wine. Among the wine choices for corned beef are Pinot Noir — preferably one that’s somewhat “earthy,” and that you’d normally serve with mushrooms — and Syrah, another variety known for its earthiness. Avoid the big “fruit bombs” from Australia that go by the name of Shiraz, and opt for a bottling that’s more Northern Rhone in style. Feeling adventurous? Seek out an Italian Dolcetto.

• With Beef Stew — Meat, potatoes and veggies make for a hearty meal, and call for an equally hearty wine. An Italian Barolo would be a great choice, but also can stretch the budget. A wallet-friendlier option would be Chateauneuf du Pape, or almost any cuvee that includes Grenache as a primary ingredient.

• With Fish-n-Chips — A tangy tartar sauces calls for a wine with plenty of citrus flavor, such as a Rueda from Spain. Another solid choice is Sauvignon Blanc. And if you must have Chardonnay, make sure it’s a dry, steely style such as Chablis or one that is labeled “unoaked.”

If your dinner party is having a variety of dishes and you want to order just one bottle of vino, the go-to choice is sparking wine. For a splurge, choose a vintage Champagne; for a more affordable option, select a Prosecco from Italy or a sparkler from California.

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