‘Wine Country’ Plans a Plethora of Earth Day Activities

One week and one day from today, more than a billion people in 190 countries around the world will participate in some sort of activity or observation for Earth Day.

In communities large and small… from San Francisco to San Juan, Moscow to Marrakesh, Beijing to Brussels… ordinary men, women and children will be doing extraordinary things for the planet we live on, working to ensure that future generations get to enjoy its natural beauty and benefit from its natural resources.

Some people will plant trees. Others will take part in community clean-up campaigns. Still others will contact their local, state and national leaders to let them know that environmental issues matter and can’t be ignored.

America’s wineries also are participating in Earth Day activities, because their owners understand that without a healthful environment, grapevines cannot produce the kind of quality of grapes that make outstanding wines. All great wines begin in the vineyard, and the vineyard must be cared for.

In the days leading up to Earth Day 2014, we’ll be sharing some of the activities that wineries have planned to help spread the word about the importance of protecting our planet. We’ll journey from Temecula in Southern California up to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and provide lots of ideas on how you can get involved.

There is nothing more worthy of a hearty “Cheers!” than protecting Mother Earth.

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