Temecula Winery Plans Series of ‘Earth-to-Wine’ Tours

Earth Day celebrations at wineries are not restricted to California’s North Coast region. In Southern California’s Temecula growing area, north of San Diego, South Coast Winery Resort & Spa has planned a series of “Earth to Wine” tours, running April 21-25.

From the winery’s website:

“This is your chance to explore our sustainable vineyards, tour a real working winery and learn about the different varieties 
and soil compositions for unique tastes. Each tour culminates
 with a chef’s special small plate selection of locally grown fare, paired with South Coast Winery’s award-winning, locally grown wines.”

The menu:

• Pinot Grigio Sparkling paired with sliced Granny Smith apples

• South Coast Sauvignon Blanc paired with Carter Estate roasted carrots

• Wild Horse Peak Tempranillo paired with marinated olives

• Carter Estate Cabernet Sauvignon paired with honey comb

• Black Jack Port paired with chocolate truffles

South Coast Winery has earned sustainable farming certification, and next week’s tours will focus on the practices that make that certification possible. The cost is $50, and reservations — strongly recommended — are available by calling 800-539-1375, ext. 7234.

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Tomorrow: Earth Day activities at a pioneer in sustainable winegrowing.

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