Yosemite Area Wineries to Celebrate Lincoln-Signed Grant

A century and a half ago, President Abraham Lincoln signed the grant that established Yosemite National Park.

To mark the occasion, several of the estates that comprise California’s Madera Wine Trail will host the first Yosemite Grant Wine Celebration. Throughout the weekend of May 3-4, wineries will open their tasting rooms to host live music, serve delicious food and, of course, pour their wines.

“The Yosemite Grant is the first piece of legislation in history to set aside public lands for the use of a country’s citizens, paving the way for the establishment of national parks,” noted a media release from the Madera Wine Trail. “A park best known for its waterfalls and 1,200 miles of scenic beauty, Yosemite National Park is a national legacy to be enjoyed and celebrated by all.”

The weekend also will feature Yosemite artwork, gift shopping and other activities at various locations in the area. A list of winery and other events can be found here.

Coincidentally — or perhaps not — Yosemite has a long history of embracing wine, hosting an annual series of wine tastings, dinners and seminars collectively called “Vintners’ Holidays.” The sessions take place each fall, and the 2014 schedule is being worked on now.

For further information on those events, and to see a list of last year’s wine-focused activities at Yosemite, click here.

So, if you can’t make it to the Yosemite Grant Wine Celebration around the park, consider attending one of the Vintners’ Holidays sessions inside the park.

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Tomorrow: A look at another early May wine event in California.

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