Hilltop Wining (and Snacking) in the City by the Bay

Near the top of Russian Hill on San Francisco’s famous Hyde Street, alongside the cable car route to Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll find Bacchus, an intimate, dimly lit wine bar with flickering candles, soft music and gorgeous floral arrangements.

Romantic? Absolutely. And with an array of wines available by the glass, bottle or flight — plus a nice selection of sushi, hummus, cheeses, and smoked and cured meats — it’s the perfect date night destination for wine lovers in the city by the bay.

Many locals have embraced Bacchus as a first stop for an evening on the town — a place to have a glass of wine and perhaps an appetizer before heading out for a full meal or a show. Others use it as their last stop, a place where they can enjoy a glass of dessert wine — choices range from a sweet German Riesling to a rich 20-Year Tawny Port — before turning in for the night. The bar is open until midnight.

For further information, call 415-928-2633, or visit the Bacchus website.

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