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What You Can’t See Can Make a Big Difference in Wine Quality

In Chile, one of the key factors in the growing of quality winegrapes and the crafting of fine wines cannot be seen. The cool sea air in Chile is partially blocked by the Coastal Mountains, although it finds its way

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The Last Vestige of Winemaking in L.A.

California’s wine tradition began with the Franciscan fathers of the early Spanish missions. In 1833, French winemaker Jean-Louis Vignes brought the first European vines from his native Bordeaux, and planted them in downtown Los Angeles. There, he also built a

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You Can Bank on This Bacon-Focused Recipe

In yesterday’s blog, we focused on the bacon craze that is sweeping the nation, and offered a few “swine-pairing” ideas. Today, we share a recipe for a tasty dish that includes bacon as a main ingredient. What kind of wine

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Swine Pairing: What to Pour With Bacon-Infused Dishes

We’ve been wrapping slices of bacon around filet mignon steaks for eons. The practice was started to lend flavor and prevent the steak from drying out during cooking, because this particular cut of beef has low levels of marbling or

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Hang Loose at a Chillin’ Urban Winery

In yesterday’s blog, we shared information on two very extensive… not to mention expensive… wine tours, one to the Burgundy appellation of France, and the other to Italy’s Piedmont region. One cost $6,900, and the other was a bit more

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Decisions, Decisions: 4 Nights in Burgundy or 13 in Piedmont… for Half the Price?

When I was in my twenties, I never would have considered taking a guided tour of… well… anyplace. That was something old people did… like bringing giant umbrellas to the beach. Now that I’m in my… uh… non-twenties… I have

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Central Coast Winery Plans a Party for Ladybugs — and Wine Lovers

The California community of Solvang, north of Santa Barbara, is a popular destination for weekend getaways. Tourists flock there to soak in the traditional Danish architecture, culture and cuisine, not to mention an array of gift shops, shoe stores and

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Everywhere (Almost) You Look in California: Grapevines!

Grapevines are growing over more and more of California, as farmers add to their grape acreage. That’s the word from the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA, which recently issued its California grapevine report for 2013.

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Cooking With Wine: What Happens to the Alcohol?

Although we like to think of it primarily as a beverage that enhances a meal, there are no two ways about it: Wine also is an alcoholic beverage. And while its alcohol level is lower than that found in spirits

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A Touch of Wine Country in ‘The O.C.’

“Expect to stumble into wine country in the heart of Orange County.” That’s the message you’ll find on the website homepage of The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar, which debuted in the city of Tustin (2647 Park Ave.; 714-258-7600) and

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