A Refreshing Dessert for a Hot Day

If it’s not hot where you are today… just wait! Summer has already arrived in some locales, and it won’t be long until we’re in the “dog days.”

In Southern California, the home of Vinesse, it’s already a scorcher. So I have decided that when I get home late this afternoon, I’m going to prepare a special dessert — one that not only will satisfy my sweet tooth, but also refresh my palate.

And once it’s ready to eat, I’m going to open a bottle of Moscato to sip with it.

The recipe I’m going to use follows, and it makes about 6 servings — so you may want to eat… and drink… with a few friends!



• 2/3 cup semi-sweet Muscat wine
• 2 tablespoons sugar
• ½ cup heavy cream
• Strawberries
• Amaretti cookies, crumbled


1. Set up a double boiler using a heat-proof bowl that will sit on top of a pot with water. (Note: Water level should be about 2 inches above the bottom of the bowl.)

2. Using a wire whisk, combine wine and egg yolks, then pass through a fine mesh strainer into the heat-proof bowl.

3. Whisk in sugar.

4. Bring pot of water to a hard simmer, then place bowl containing the egg-wine mixture on top. Whisk vigorously, causing the mixture to become foamy and light. (Note: Occasionally scrape along edges to minimize the eggs cooking.)

5. Continue whisking for several minutes until the custard sets.

6. Remove bowl from heat, and lightly scrape custard into a clean, non-plastic bowl set over an ice bath. Avoid dislodging any cooked-on egg. Let cool, then cover and refrigerate.

7. To finish, whip the cream into soft peaks, then fold into the sabayon.

8. Divide strawberries among bowls, spoon some sabayon on each berry, and garnish with crumbled amaretti cookies.

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