Cooking With Wine: What Happens to the Alcohol?

Although we like to think of it primarily as a beverage that enhances a meal, there are no two ways about it: Wine also is an alcoholic beverage.

And while its alcohol level is lower than that found in spirits and most other bottles displayed in a typical bar, it can’t be ignored.

Which brings us to a question that came in recently from one of our blog followers…

QUESTION: I’ve always thought that when we cook with wine, it burns away all the alcohol in the wine. But a friend says that’s not true. Can you clear this up for me?

ANSWER: Cooking definitely reduces the alcohol content of wine, but it does not eliminate it.

We won’t bore you with the scientific details — which, frankly, we don’t entirely understand — but about 5 percent of a wine’s original alcohol content will remain no matter how long you cook it.

So if your guest list includes someone who does not drink, and you’re planning to cook a dish that includes wine, you may want to clear the recipe with them ahead of time

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