Sipping in the Clouds in the Windy City

Did you happen to catch the report about what happened on the Skydeck at Chicago’s Willis Tower last week?

One hundred three stories above the ground, in one of the glass decks that enables visitors to look straight down at the Windy City streets 1,500 feet below, the glass cracked.

As detailed in this report, nobody was hurt, but a few hearts certainly skipped a few beats.

Following that experience, we’re guessing the visitors who saw their lives flash before them won’t be going to this Saturday’s Summer Rooftop Wine Crawl in Chicago.

That’s because parts of the Crawl will be held in venues in the air. Not as high as the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, but given the circumstances, high enough.

The Wine Crawl is a private wine tour that will feature wine and food at each stop:

• Milenorth Hotel — This part of the tour actually will take place at ground level, with a bit of wine education thrown in.

• Vertigo Sky Lounge — A popular Chicago night spot, located on the 26th floor of the Dana Hotel & Spa.

• Sky Terrace at the Ivy Hotel — Offering breathtaking city views from the 16th floor.

• 52Eighty Lounge at the Milenorth Hotel — Back where the tour started, only at a higher elevation… the 29th floor… for an after-party.

The fee (now $140, following expiration of a $125 early bird rate) includes bus transportation, a bottle of wine, prize drawings, the after-party and all the wine and food at the various venues.

For ticket information, click here.

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