The Benefits of Keeping a Wine Journal

I write about wine — whether it’s for this Vinesse blog or about the various bottlings featured by the wine clubs of Vinesse — almost every day.

Yes, it’s part of my job, but writing about wine also is a passion of mine.

Have you ever considered keeping a wine journal? It’s a great way, over time, to help you identify the types of wines — and, even more specifically, the types of aromas and flavors — that you prefer.

For each entry, jot down the full name of the winery, the name or variety of the wine, the vintage, and your impressions of it. Don’t worry about using technical terms that you may see in wine magazines; use language that means something to you.

Generally, it takes only about 25 entries in such a journal to develop a “pattern” that will help you hone in on what you like and what you don’t.

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