Touring & Tasting Unveils List of 8 Napa Valley Tasting Rooms Worth Visiting

green vineyardThere are more than 500 wineries in California’s Napa Valley. No wonder it has been called, “Disneyland for grown-ups.”

That number is both a blessing and a curse for wine lovers. It’s a blessing because there are so many choices available. But it’s a curse because… well… there are so many choices available. Where does one begin when planning a trip to the valley?

Well, one way is by utilizing lists prepared by people who have been there. Wine Spectator features extensive Napa Valley stories every couple of years, and Touring & Tasting just came out with a list of “Napa Valley’s Standout Tasting Rooms,” which you can access here.

Touring & Tasting provided descriptions of eight wineries, all but one of which we’ve written about over the years. With the exception of Foley Johnson, you’ll be connected with a past blog simply by clicking on the link following each estate’s name…

  • Foley Johnson

Each winery is unique and has its own vinous vibe. The Touring & Tasting list is a good place to start when planning a Napa Valley excursion, and you’ll find plenty of other possibilities in our “Wineries of Distinction” archives.

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