Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage for $3,035.71 Per Bottle

Fotolia_1904719_SOh, sure, the 10,726 square feet of living space is nice.

Ditto for the five full bedroom suites, including the master bedroom that occupies about 2,100 square feet.

The six fireplaces certainly come in handy during the winter months, and the six bathrooms mean “no waiting” year-round.

The elevator that connects the three levels of the house is convenient, especially when lugging heavy items.

There’s a certain sense of style that emerges through the effective integration of marble, granite, antique French limestone, onyx, copper, hand-forged iron, bronze, oak and mahogany.

And the billiard table, library, entertainment room, Jacuzzi and bars — not to mention the adjacent golf course and country club — provide an abundance of recreational and leisure-time activities.

But for me, what makes this home in the Southern Highlands neighborhood of Las Vegas so appealing is the wine cellar on the basement level.

The wine racks were handmade from Malaysian mahogany, and can hold up to 2,800 bottles. True, that’s about 2,750 more than I have on hand at the moment, but still…

In a city where air conditioning is a must for comfortable living about six months out of the year, this wine cellar has its own, independent climate-control system.

While such systems are not all that unusual, this home’s security system provides another level of protection for all those bottles: It monitors the room temperature 24/7, and it the temp climbs above a programmed threshold, sends out an alarm to the security service.

Just one Las Vegas summer day in a non-air conditioned home could do irreparable damage to a bottle of wine, so that safety net is a necessity. Besides, when I’m lounging in the Jacuzzi after a long day on the golf course, I certainly don’t want to be fretting over the temperature of my 2,800-bottle wine cellar!

The list price of this home, which was built in 2006, is $8.5 million. I’m waiting for the 8 to disappear before I consider putting in a bid.

But, hey, a wine lover can dream!

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