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A Rude Awakening in North Coast Wine Country

I first learned of the earthquake that struck California’s North Coast wine country early Sunday morning when I logged on to Facebook and read this post from a “friend of a friend”: “To all my non-nor cal, wine loving peeps:

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5 Fascinating Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon

We could list a hundred fascinating facts about Cabernet Sauvignon. Really, we could. But since it’s we’re winding down from the work week and gearing up for the weekend, let’s not go crazy. Let’s just go with five for Friday…

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Scrabble Success on a Winery Terrace

I’ve made my living as a writer and an editor for close to 40 years now. I landed my first newspaper job at age 16, and while I wasn’t exactly making a living at that time, I was gaining valuable

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Advice on ‘Moderation’ from an Expert

Who better to speak to the health benefits of wine than a wine producer who also works as an emergency room doctor? Food & Wine magazine’s Ray Isle introduced us to Dr. Laura Catena — who has been called “the

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