In the Land of Whiskey, a Wine Festival Beckons


photo by Beth Sachan

If we were to play a game of “beverage word association,” and I were to say, “Wisconsin,” your response likely would be, “Milk.”

After all, Wisconsin is the “Dairy State.”

(Alternately, you might offer, “Beer,” since Milwaukee is the home of the Miller Brewing Company.)

Okay, let’s play that game with another locale. Are you ready?


I’m guessing your first reaction was, “Whiskey.” Which would make sense, since Tennessee is home to Jack Daniel’s.

So it may come as at least a mild surprise that on the weekend of September 20-21, Nashville will play host to the Music City Food + Wine festival.

It will feature the usual array of culinary and wine-tasting opportunities, and its “main event” — dubbed “The Grand Taste” — has been described as “a tour of flavors featuring Nashville’s finest.”

That’s hard to argue, given the all-star lineup of chefs scheduled to participate:

* Sean Brock

* Tyler Florence

* Amanda Freitas

* Mike Lata

* Tim Love

* Masaharu Morimoto

* Aaron Sanchez

* Frank Stitt

* Michael Symon

* Jonathan Waxman

* Tandy Wilson

* Trisha Yearwood

*Andrew Zimmern

It promises to be a memorable weekend of food and wine adventures. And since it’s Nashville, chances are you’ll get to hear some great music, too. Much like Austin, Nashville is known for its abundance of live music venues.

To learn more about Music City Food + Wine, click here.

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