5 Ways to Pair Wine With Mushrooms

mushrooms-in-wine-sauceMany of us think of September primarily as “Back to School Month.”

But it’s also National Mushroom Month and California Wine Month.

And having the kids/grandkids back in school gives us the time to explore the wonderful pairing options that mushrooms and wine provide.

Mushrooms and wine? You bet. And in many more combinations than you might imagine.

Obviously, mushrooms — like so many other foods — taste differently depending upon how they’re prepared. As a result, they can be paired with an extremely wide spectrum of wines — everything from Champagne to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here are five of our favorite combinations…

  • Cream of mushroom soup — A creamy, oak-aged Chardonnay.
  • Mushroom risotto — This combo is easy to remember because it comes in the form of a short poem: risotto with Barolo. A well-chilled sparkling rosé also works nicely, especially when dining alfresco.
  • Mushrooms in a tomato sauce — You’ll find these ingredients in many Italian dishes, so it’s wise to go with an Italian wine such as Chianti Classico. You may also opt for a “Cal-Ital” wine — Sangiovese.
  • Mushroom quiche — We love this pairing because it requires not one, but two wines: Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris to go with the eggs and cheese, and Pinot Noir to go with the mushrooms.

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To learn more about National Mushroom Month, click here.

And for more on California Wine Month — including 10 reasons to love California wine and a comprehensive list of winery events — click here.

• Tomorrow: To help celebrate California Wine Month, we’ll focus on California’s unique red variety: Zinfandel.

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