A Wine Book That Stands the Test of Time

winewarSummer may be over, but you still have time for some good “summer reading.”

Although it was published in 2002, Wine and War remains one of the best wine-focused tales ever told.

As Library Journal noted, the book recounts “the dangerous and daring exploits of those who fought to keep France’s greatest treasure out of the hands of the Nazis. Whether they were fobbing off inferior wines on the Germans, hiding precious vintages behind hastily constructed walls, sabotaging shipments being sent out of France, or even sneaking people out of the country in wine barrels, the French proved to be remarkably versatile when it came to protecting their beloved wine.”

I read Wine and War when it first came out, and picked it up again this past summer. Over a long weekend in Michigan wine country, before and after winery visits, I read it all the way through… and enjoyed it just as much.

One of the good things about being “a certain age” is that you can re-read books, and it’s almost as if you’d never read them in the first place.

Last I checked, Wine and War is still available through Amazon.com. I suggest reading it with a glass of wine — perhaps a nice red Bordeaux — within arm’s reach.

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