How Did You Do in Our ‘Wine Numbers’ Quiz?

green vineyardOn Tuesday, we presented a numbers-focused wine quiz.

In case you missed it, here’s how it worked: I assigned each number below a letter. Below that, I assigned each answer a number. Your job was to match up the letters and numbers. To review…


  1. 200+
  2. 373
  3. 474
  4. 720
  5. 366,973


  1. Number of cheeses available at V. Sattui Winery’s Italian Market in St. Helena (Napa Valley), Calif. The market also features house-made sandwiches, panini and salads, and the Sattui estate offers extensive tree-shaded picnic grounds. More info:
  1. The average size of a vineyard, in acres, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. (Source: Food and Wine magazine)
  1. Number of bonded wineries in California in 1940. As of 2012, that number had increased to 3,754. (Source: Wine Institute)
  1. The number of bottles — the equivalent of 60 cases — that can be produced from a ton of grapes. That’s an average figure, by the way, as grapes of different sizes produce different amounts of juice.
  1. Number of acres devoted to winegrape vineyards in Australia, as of 2012. (Source: The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory.)


So… how well did you do? Here’s how the letters and numbers in our quiz match up:

A — 1

B — 2

C — 3

D — 4

E — 5

I’m guessing hardly anyone got 100% because, after all, what kind of quiz doesn’t mix up the order of the questions and answers at least a little bit? I’ll tell you what kind of quiz: This one!

If you did happen to score 100%, congratulations! Open a special bottle of wine tonight and toast your wine number wisdom.

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