Wine Drinking Strategies for Election Night 2014

red wine and white laptopThis is not a political blog, and I am far from a political animal. I belong to my own, personal party: Bob’s Common Sense Party. That means I find myself agreeing with Republicans on some issues and with Democrats on others. I wouldn’t make a good senator or representative because I don’t believe in following party lines; I believe in following common sense.

Now that I’ve likely baffled and/or bemused pretty much all of our blog followers, I’ll share what veteran wine industry people are telling me about today’s mid-term election, and then I’ll tell you how I plan to follow the results on television this evening.

I’m being told that if you could get them to go on the record, a pretty big majority of winery owners and others with large stakes in the wine industry would prefer to see the Republican Party take over both houses of Congress. Their reasoning is two-fold:

  1. With a Democrat in the White House but Republicans controlling the Senate and the House of Representatives, it’s not likely that any “game-changing” legislation will be enacted. In other words, they can plan for two years of the status quo in terms of taxes and legislation that impact business in general.
  1. According to Strategas Research Partners, with A GOP majority in both houses, laws could be passed that benefit certain sectors of the economy, including agriculture.

Obviously, what happens in voting booths across the country today will have a big impact on what happens in this country over the next two years, and could also have a significant impact on the next Presidential election. For those reasons, I hope you’ll get out today and vote. And to my friends in Chicago, where I lived for 14 years, I know you’ll be voting early and often.

I’ll certainly be watching coverage of the election this evening, especially once firm results start to come in. Because I’m a multi-tasker by nature, which makes it difficult for me to just sit and watch TV, I’ve planned an additional activity.

I’m going to pour two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon and place them side-by-side on my coffee table. Each time a Republican is declared the winner of a Senate seat, I

I’ll take a sip out of one glass. Each time a Democrat is declared the winner of a Senate seat, I’ll take a sip out of the other glass.

By the time the evening is over and all the results are in, the glass with the least amount of wine remaining will illustrate today’s winning party.

And by that time, I probably won’t care who won.

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