R.I.P., Eric Dunham

09-LV-Syrah-CartIn this final blog in the first week of the month of thankfulness, all of us at Vinesse are giving thanks for having had the opportunity to know and work with Eric Dunham.

Sadly, we lost Eric on October 23, reportedly as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot. He had been reported as a missing person, and apparently took his own life after police officers knocked on the door of a hotel at which he’d been staying.

Dunham was just 44, but he had lived enough and seen enough to have a much older soul. He served four years in the United States Navy. As a child, he endured and overcame a number of illnesses, including a brain tumor.

He had found his niche as a winemaker, and was a shining star on Washington’s Walla Walla wine scene. He was always interested in experimenting with various varieties and blends, and when asked to get involved in new projects, he rarely gave the offers any thought; he’d just say yes.

A modern day Renaissance man, Dunham also was an avid painter and an exceptional cook. On the Dunham Cellars website, you can view images of Dunham’s artwork that adorn various wine labels, and see the picture that family members selected for an “In Memoriam” presentation on the homepage.

His was a smile we’ll not soon forget. All of us at Vinesse send our sincere condolences to the Dunham family and his extended family at Dunham Cellars.

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