Wine Glass Care for the Morning After

Dirty dishes close upIn some ways, my household is a lot like many other households. In other ways, my household is unique.

On the unique side, consider how we watch football. I think we’d all agree that beer is the adult beverage of choice at most homes when “Sunday Night Football” is on. But at the Johnson house, I was sipping on Cabernet Sauvignon while the Packers were humbling the Bears.

As for the similarities of my household to others, when the game was over and the Cabernet was gone, I took my wine glass to the kitchen and, rather than washing it immediately, left it there.

By this morning, the leftover wine drops had dried, and what would have been an easy cleaning task last night had become a bit more challenging.

Wine glasses are not like other, sturdier glassware. They need tender, loving care.

That said, cleaning a wine-stained glass the morning after can be easier than it may seem. It’s all about technique.

My technique of choice? I soak the glass it in hot water with a denture-cleaning tablet.

No stains to deal with? In that case, place a soft sponge on a wooden stick (the kind you’d normally use when making “kabobs”) and gently swirl it around the inside of the glass. Then use a lint-free towel for drying.

Especially with Thanksgiving coming up — and with it, the likelihood of a whole lot of morning-after, red wine-stained glasses to deal with — it’s nice to know that the cleaning task need not be a daunting task.

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