Wine Books for Winter Reading or Gift Giving

iStock_000005364409XSmallAre you a reader? I am, and I only wish I had more time for that endeavor. With winter descending upon us, I hope to set aside a few evenings each week for sitting down with a good book and (of course) a good glass of wine.

Schiffer Publishing, a family company based in Pennsylvania, is one of my favorite sources of bedtime books — lavishly illustrated, with text that can be consumed in small chunks.

Founded in 1974 to mimeograph, ring bind and distribute a book about antique furniture and accessories in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, Schiffer Publishing now has more than 5,000 titles in its catalog, with subjects including antiques and collectibles; arts and crafts; military history; contemporary art and artists; architecture and design; food and entertaining; the metaphysical, paranormal and folklore; and pop and fringe culture.

There’s even a section in the catalog devoted to “breweriana” (dealing with all-things beer) and wine-and-spirits antiques.

If you’re looking for a good book to cozy up with this winter, or if you’re in need of a creative holiday gift for a wine lover in your life, consider these titles from the Schiffer Publishing catalog:

* Wine Antiques and Collectibles (Donald A. Bull and Joseph C. Paradi).

“Over 2,100 photos and text cover the vast array of wine memorabilia available. Included are tools for growing, harvesting and producing wine; cork removers and serving devices; games, signs and tokens for sales, and museum pieces from Spain.”

336 pages; $79.99.

* The Ultimate Corkscrew Book (Donald A. Bull).

“Showcases diversity and creativity in corkscrews over several hundred years. Displays categorical examples of eclectic and figural corkscrews and knives, along with current market values and amusing text.”

320 pages; $89.95.

* Screwpull: Creation and History of a High-Tech Corkscrew (Donald Minzenmayer).

“The story of the development and realization of one of the best devices in the world for removing a cork from a wine bottle, the Screwpull, and its inventor, Herbert Allen. Alongside hundreds of examples of experimental prototypes, patent drawings and many production models, the story unfolds to reveal Allen’s conceptualization of how the Screwpull should work, and how imitation knockoffs affected his market.”

176 pages; $59.99.

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