Tonight, Choose ‘Poof’ Over ‘Pop’: The Safe Way to Open Champagne

popping champagne corkIt’s here! The last day of the year.

When the time comes to raise a glass and propose a toast tonight, what will the topic be?

According to a survey of 660 adults, age 21 and older, conducted by Barefoot Bubbly, 40% of toasts will deal with happiness, health and prosperity; 14% will deal with the new year and surviving the old year; 10% will be about family and friends; and 10% will focus on goals.

Of course, you’ll need a glass of bubbly to raise when proposing that toast. Which leads us to today’s “Wine FAQ” query…

QUESTION: What’s the best way to get a big “pop” when opening a bottle of Champagne?

ANSWER: Well, there certainly is a way of ensuring a big pop, but we don’t recommend it. You’ve probably seen the “method” demonstrated on television following Super Bowl and World Series victories: The “cage” that covers the cork is taken off, the bottle is shaken and, if necessary, a thumb gives the cork a little push.

The problem is that when a cork goes flying through the air, it may hit something — like someone’s eye. Every year, several dozen hospital emergency rooms must deal with individuals injured by flying corks.

We highly recommend opening a Champagne bottle correctly — by holding onto the cork tightly and slowly turning it — and choosing a gentle “poof” sound over a loud “pop.”

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