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Jazz on the Vine… and a Whole Lot of Wine

Disclaimer: No, I do not get free tickets for the events I mention on this blog. I simply enjoy sharing news about events I’ve attended… or would one day like to attend… that offer special experiences and the potential for

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New Zealand: The Home of Expressive Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough is New Zealand’s flagship wine region that, in combination with its expressive renditions of Sauvignon Blanc, has elevated the country to the international wine stage. But as we’ve learned in recent years, Marlborough offers depth in both grape varieties

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Sustainability Gains a Foothold in New Zealand

“Given that wine has long been marketed as a natural product, it is of little surprise that this industry has been one of the first agricultural sectors to embrace the concept of sustainability, particularly to evoke in consumers a feeling

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This May, Join Vinesse & Sojourn for a Private Cycling Tour of Sonoma

If you’re a frequent reader or an active Vinesse member, you probably already know that Vinesse is about to kick off our first ever Private Cycling Tour of Sonoma Wine Country in a partnership with Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations.

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Does the Type Matter When Cooking With Wine?

Given the storm that hit the East Coast over the weekend, a whole lot of people were staying home and cooking rather than going out to eat. Little wonder, then, that the following question came in. Since winter isn’t going

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What Goes With a Cold Night and a Glass of Merlot?

As I was writing yesterday’s blog about Merlot, I started thinking about some of the dishes I’ve enjoyed with Merlot over the years. I happened to have the Weather Channel on at the time, and was reminded of how numbingly

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A Decade After ‘Sideways,’ Merlot Survives and Thrives

“If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am not drinking any (bleeping) Merlot!” When movie-goers heard Paul Giamatti’s Miles make that proclamation in the movie “Sideways,” and in another scene heard him wax poetic about Pinot Noir, it changed the

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Cohn Festival: Takin’ It to the… Field of Dreams

It’s the end of one era, and the beginning of another. For more years than I can remember, Bruce Cohn — a man who has guided the careers of the Doobie Brothers and other music stars, and the founder of

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Taking Wine to New Heights in Washington

American Viticultural Areas are the U.S. equivalent of wine appellations in France. In order to gain AVA status, an area must be shown to possess unique characteristics that separate it from neighboring areas. In some cases, it’s the general environment.

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Honors for Winemaker/Environmentalist Mike Benziger

I’ve long admired the wines produced at Benziger Family Winery in the Sonoma County burg of Glen Ellen. And that was before I learned about his biodynamic farming practices, important not only now but for future generations, and his efforts

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