Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

CheeseBlogJan2Entire books have been written about serving wine and cheese together. Go to, type in “wine and cheese,” and select “books,” and you’ll see what I mean.

With so many different types of wine and so many different types of cheese, the pairing possibilities are endless. So if you’re planning to serve wine and cheese at a party or informal gathering, what types should you choose?

Well, to help keep things simple, concentrate on white wines. While there are numerous sublime red wine-and-cheese pairings, you’ll appeal to more palates — especially those that don’t encounter a great deal of wine — by sticking with whites.

Among the go-to white varieties, Chenin Blanc demonstrates its versatility by matching nicely with such diverse cheeses as Taleggio, Ricotta and goat cheese.

Italian whites, such as Cortese, pair nicely with Gruyere and Mozzarella.

Are you a fan of Viognier? It’s a sublime pairing partner for lighter blue cheeses, Livarot and Tourmalet.

Keep in mind that every palate is different, so it’s wise to serve a selection of cheeses and to open several bottles of wine… and let your guests choose their favorite matches.

When it comes to wine and cheese pairing, there are no universally “right” or “wrong” answers.

For a fun treat that won’t require much thought or preparation, you can try Vinesse’s Cheese Pairing Collection, a trio of whites curated especially for a perfect wine and cheese gathering.

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