‘Green’ Practices Become ‘Official’ in Austria

WachauSustainability has been an important theme in Austrian agriculture for many years.

Now, the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association is making available to the Austrian wine sector an online tool that, for the time being, can be used by winemakers for self-assessment. This winter, certification also will be available.

The online tool was presented for the first time last summer on the Austrian National Viticulture Day. Notes Josef Glatt, Managing Director of the AWA: “Other countries have been very active with sustainability for years already. Austria is predestined to work actively on sustainability, especially because of its work with soil and plant protection.”

Together with experts and in several stages, quality objectives for a range of processes (production of grapes, production of wine, vineyards, social and economic) were defined and measures were developed for sustainable implementation.

In many cases, the new processes simply provide documentation for long-established practices that have made Austria one of the “greenest” winegrowing countries on Earth.

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