Plan Now for Sonoma County Restaurant Week

Spoonbar-Brick-ChickenIf it weren’t for bills to pay, work to get done, deadlines to meet, grandkids to get to school — in other words, life — there is only one place I would choose to be the week of March 9-15.

Sonoma County, California.

And not just because Sonoma County is among my favorite “wine country” destinations on the planet. (Although, admittedly, wine is part of the equation here.)

In 2015, March 9-15 is Sonoma County Restaurant Week — an opportunity for the county’s top eateries to strut their stuff via imaginative and affordable prix fix dinners and lunches.

I’ve gleaned some information from the event’s website for you to peruse…

  • Sonoma County Restaurant Week is a week-long event celebrating the fine dining opportunities in Sonoma County.
  • Three-course special dinner menus will be priced at $19, $29 or $39. These prices are for one three-course meal at a participating restaurant.
  • Participating restaurants also will offer a prix-fixe lunch menu. The special two-course lunches will be priced at $10, $15 and $20. (Each restaurant selects its own price point.)
  • Restaurants are encouraged to use local ingredients and feature a local wine for Restaurant Week.

Sounds good to me! And the list of participating restaurants is impressive. Check it out here.

If Sonoma County Restaurant Week sounds like the perfect way to bid adieu to winter and welcome spring, you need to do two things very soon:

  1. Make hotel, motel, or B&B reservations for your selected dates.
  1. Make dinner and/or lunch reservations at your favorite restaurants. As you might expect, many restaurants fill up daily and nightly during Restaurant Week.
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