Savoring the Scenery of Sonoma… Slowly

Poppies in the VineyardsSome of my best friends are bikers.

No, not hell’s angels, or other motorcycle riders — even though “Sons of Anarchy” became a staple in our household during its just-completed run.

I’m talking about bicycle riders.

I love to listen to the stories they tell about their bicycling trips. Something they all share — no matter where they go — is enthusiasm about seeing the world up close, at a slower pace than is afforded when one is traveling by car.

I know people who have biked in France, Germany and even the Swiss Alps. Each locale offers its own special scenery, creating unique memories for those on two wheels.

But when it comes to diversity, Sonoma County is the destination most often mentioned. And it’s not just wine lovers waxing poetic about the different types of grapevines. My bicycling friends love Sonoma because the scenery can change dramatically with a mere turn in the road, as can the type of cycling.

Some of the paths follow old railroad tracks. Many pass through vast stretches of grapevines for as far as the eye can see… including up terraced hillsides.

There even are roads and paths that overlook the Pacific Ocean, and some that climb through steep mountain passes.

Diverse? You bet.

We love Sonoma County for its diversity of winegrape varieties and the wonderfully expressive cuvees they produce. But we also love Sonoma for its scenery — scenery that is best savored slowly, on two wheels.

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