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V Marketplace: A Vintage Experience in Napa Valley

If you’re planning a trip to Napa Valley sometime this year, try to free up a few hours for a visit to the V Marketplace. A festival-style center once known as “Vintage 1870,” V Marketplace offers upscale specialty shops, galleries

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A Wine Dinner in a Most Unexpected Place

Most people who visit Reno go for the gambling. Some describe northern Nevada’s gaming mecca as “the way Las Vegas used to be.” The downtown area is home to three mega-resorts that are connected by an interior walkway: Eldorado, Silver

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Wine Cruises Along the Beautiful Danube

In yesterday’s blog, we told you about two wine-themed cruises in France. Today, we shift gears (or should that be rudders?) and explore a pair of Avalon Waterways excursions on the gorgeous Danube River… The Legendary Danube Wine River Cruise

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Cruising Europe in Search of Wine

Viking River Cruises, Emerald Waterways and Uniworld are among the cruise lines offering wine-themed river cruises, and all are worth checking out if you’d like to experience European wine regions at a nice, slow, casual pace. Yet another option is

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Keeping a Vineyard Pest in Check

Honig Vineyard & Winery in the Napa Valley town of Rutherford is known far and wide for its “green” practices — including the use of sniffer dogs. Imagine a nose that is thousands of times more powerful than a human’s

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A ‘Capitol’ Idea for Wine Tasting

A question that came in last week reminded us of a very unusual wine tasting facility in California’s capital city… QUESTION: We’re going to be spending some time in Sacramento, visiting the state capitol, the California State Railroad Museum and

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Both Las Vegas and San Francisco Want You!

Two of America’s greatest cities are Las Vegas and San Francisco, and on the last weekend of April, they have conspired to present a vinous conundrum for wine lovers. On that weekend, each city will host a very tempting wine

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A Dish That Pairs With White Wine and Red Wine

“Red Wine With Fish” was a best-selling book that helped erase the myth that one should serve only a white wine when the main course was a fish dish. The pairing spotlighted in the book was salmon and Pinot Noir.

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Add a Little Spice to Your (Wine) Life

In New Mexico, St. Clair Winery takes fire-roasted Hatch green chiles, cold-soaks them in white wine, and produces a wine that’s semi-sweet, slightly spicy and quite smooth, especially when served chilled. A chile pepper in wine? That is perhaps the

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The Pork Possibilities With Pinot Noir

Several months ago, my 10-year-old granddaughter announced to the family that she “loved piggies” and would no longer be eating her favorite grab-and-go breakfast: Jimmy Dean sausage-and-egg sandwiches. She did not reveal how or why she had come to this

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