Not All Summertime Wines Must Be White

iStock_000006095441SmallOur wine consumption evolves with the weather. Here at Vinesse, we even have wine clubs and Cyber Circle offerings that are geared specifically to the changing seasons.

For instance, right now, you’re seeing a lot of wineries releasing white wines in anticipation of the hot summer months ahead. It makes perfect sense to seek refreshment first when the air temperature begins to rise.

But that doesn’t mean that all of our red wines must be relegated to the cellar, basement, closet or wine rack until summer begins to morph into autumn again. There are plenty of reasons to think red and drink red during the warm-weather weeks and months ahead.

Perhaps the best example of a summertime food and red wine pairing is barbecued fare with Zinfandel. That’s RED Zinfandel, not the sweet blush wine known as White Zinfandel. The lush, sometimes jammy impression of Zin’s berry-like fruit flavors meshes perfectly with the char that the grill leaves on meats.

Grill some chicken or ribs, add a touch of sweet barbecue sauce if you want, pour a glass of Zinfandel, find some shade and get ready for a real treat.

If you’re grilling a big, juicy steak, a big red wine is called for. And red wines don’t get any bigger than Cabernet Sauvignon. In this case, the fattiness of the meat and the tannins of the wine work to create a harmonious melding.

Pizza has become a year-round treat in most households. A simple cheese pizza pairs nicely with just about any red wine. A pepperoni pizza goes really well with Zinfandel. If you top your pizza with mushrooms, a meaty wine like Syrah can be a marvelous match.

We may not drink as much red wine during the warmer months, but there’s no reason to stop drinking it altogether.

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