Traveling This Summer? Wine Awaits!

Fotolia_274137_MPlanning a getaway this summer? Make sure you plan wine in your itinerary — whether you’re going to “wine country” or not.

Here are three ideas — one in the Midwest… one in California’s North Coast wine country… and one to help you plan a romantic trip to one of Europe’s most romantic cities…

  • RM Champagne Salon is a 1,500-square-foot space in Chicago’s West Loop/Fulton Market neighborhood, home to some of the city’s best restaurants.

The name comes from the French designation for “grower Champagne,” and the wine list is expertly curated. The by-the-glass list also is inspired, far different than you’ll find anywhere else in Chicagoland.

RM also offers dinner, late-night, and cheese-and-dessert menus.

  • There’s a fun way for Sonoma County visitors to savor the fine wines of Ledson, Mountain Terraces and Zina Hyde Cunningham: at the new Zina Lounge at the Ledson Hotel.

Fifth-generation Sonoma County winemaker and farmer Steve Ledson has enlisted internationally renowned Chef Yoshiharu Sogi — a wine expert and chef extraordinaire — to create intricate pairings using locally grown farm-to-table products that are designed to excite the palate while elevating the nuances of each wine.


  • Planning a trip to France’s most famous city?

Don’t do it without first reading A Passion for Paris: Romanticism and Romance in the City of Light. It’s a city where there’s no shortage of wine.

Advance reviews say the book, written by David Downie, is a must for both veteran visitors to the city and first-timers.

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