Declaration of Independence

Wine has long been a source of great joy in our lives and is our choice of drink for bringing together family and friends and for making new ones.  We are committed to a world where more people enjoy wine more.

As an extension of this, Vinesse works with many groups and publications of all stripes to help them leverage the magical properties of wine to bring their members or fans together.  Inevitably, we work with different groups that disagree on some important elements of life.  But ours is a big tent.  We do not choose sides in debates but instead focus on where we can bring people together.

In our era of communication immediacy and openness occasionally we hear from some people who object to our efforts in working with our business partners or vendors and want to criticize us for “supporting” one group or another with whom they disagree.  Some even threaten boycotts.  Or as hard as it is to believe, someone will take issue with a wine we have selected or the context in which a wine was featured.  Nothing could be further from the truth or the spirit that we are dedicated to as a company.  Shame on those who miss this point or who would degrade the world of wine for their divisive causes.

While we respect and embrace the great immediacy and openness of expression in our world, we believe in a world of fundamental tolerance of and respect for each other in how we choose to celebrate and with whom we choose to gather.  Outside of our efforts directly affecting wine sales and shipping, Vinesse does not advocate for positions or attempt to influence public policy.  While we maintain our political independence and neutrality, we are vehemently pro-wine.

In that spirit, I want to say thank you to our 250 employees, contractors and their families, our dozens of key business partners, our hundreds of thousands of customers, and the millions of people brought together by our wines each year.  You are why we do this.  Thank you for helping us create and support a world where we regularly come together to celebrate the good life, in the way we choose to define that for ourselves.

As a company, we are just like the society we live in.  We are diverse and proud of our diversity.  We come from all sexes, ages, orientations, races, backgrounds, skills, passions, and perspectives.  We all share a common love of wine and its power to bring people together.  Since 6000 BCE, wine has always been as one of the great civilizing influences in society and rather than letting it divide us, we intend to continue to focus on how it brings us together in the future.


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