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Get in the Halloween Spirit With Spooky Bottle Holders

Last year about this time, we visited the Dragon’s Lair shop at the Excaliber Casino in Las Vegas — and check out what we found! The store carries a wide range of cool — not to mention scary — wine

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Oporto: Planning a Visit to the Birthplace of Port

Start with buildings designed by leading world architects from the past and the present. Add some unique Baroque sculptures and carvings. Then mix in a world-famous sweet wine and a certain British flair. Place it all by a grand river,

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A Not-So-Scary Reason to Visit Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country

Solvang has been a popular California tourist destination for decades. When I was a kid, our family went for the Danish bakeries — to see what “the competition” was up to, since my parents owned a bakery in Balboa, Calif.

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A Look at How Winemakers Are Getting Greener

The title is long — “Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture” — but the content is compelling for anyone interested in what wineries and grape growers can do to have less impact on Earth. “We constantly notice

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Should We Talk to a Restaurant Owner About Their Expensive Wine List?

Dining out can be expensive. While we don’t begrudge a restaurant owner from making a reasonable profit — because we understand that running a restaurant also is an expensive proposition — I think that many of us would dine out

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Tips on Selecting Wines for a Wedding

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that there’s little that will be “normal” when my fiancée and I walk down the aisle tomorrow. And that begins with the aisle itself, which will be located in the lounge of a bowling center.

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5 Fascinating Facts About Bordeaux

There is no more famous wine region than Bordeaux, which is located in southwestern France. Entire books have been written on the region and its estates, but a blog is no place for a book. So, for today, we’ll share

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Wines Too Tough to Die in Tombstone

In yesterday’s blog, we shared information on the inaugural Food & Wine Experience, which is scheduled for Nov. 7-9 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s patterned after the big food-and-wine events typically staged in much larger cities, and will feature an

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Scottsdale Set for Star-Studded Food & Wine Festival Nov. 7-9

America’s big population hubs — New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, et al — have no shortage of wine-focused events over the course of any given year. But wine is popular in smaller cities as well, as the Food &

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A Wine Pairing ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Pork

The recognized world record for consumption of bacon is 182 strips, eaten in five minutes by Matt Stonie. It’s doubtful Mr. Stonie had time to drink any wine while he was setting that record. But had the opportunity been available,

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