Creative Wine Bottle Recycling Options



Although the benefit of glass recycling is sometimes challenged, we at Vinesse do our best to recycle all of the wine bottles opened at the club’s headquarters.

But if you’re looking for other ways to put those drained bottles to practical use, you’ve come to the right place. Well, to be more precise, we’re going to send you to the right place.

There, you will find 22 creative ways to get additional use out of wine bottles. We’re not sure all of them are works of art, as the Distractify headline suggests, but we love some of the ideas.

The garden wall, for instance, is a good way to utilize a lot of empty bottles. It’s an idea that can be adapted for indoor use as well.

You can make a six-shelf bookcase out of 20 empty bottles, although we’d suggest using it for lighter items than books. Wine bottles are sturdy, but we think the display approach is more fun than the practical approach in this particular case.

The chandelier shown is gorgeous and would make a great addition to the dining room of any wine lover — presuming you have a high enough roof.

And if you have a dozen wine bottles that you’d like to showcase and admire several times per day, check out the bottle clock.

That clock also can serve as a helpful reminder that it’s almost time to open another bottle to accompany tonight’s dinner.

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