Intense, Complex, Balanced Wines Expected from Monterey County

Lone tree at MontereySave for a few almost raisin-like grapes clinging to vines in a handful of cold-climate regions — earmarked for sweet dessert wines — the wine grape harvest for 2015 is over in the Northern Hemisphere.

The grapes have been crushed, the juice has been fermented, and the new wines are resting in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels as they begin their evolution prior to bottling — some in just a few months, others in several years.

Reports are starting to come in from the various growing regions around the world, and we’ll be sharing some of them with you here.

Vinesse often features wines from California’s Monterey County, so let’s begin with a report from the Monterey County Vintners and Growers Association…

“The 2015 wine grape harvest moved ahead of schedule this year, most by two weeks, some by one month. This is due to unusual weather patterns and ongoing effects of the drought.

“What does this mean for your wine?

“Vines continue to stress with lack of rainfall. However, wine grapes are a fairly drought tolerant crop, and they instinctively lessen their yield and retain their flavors when deprived of water.

“Look for intense, complex yet balanced wines coming to a 2015 bottle near you!”

Our tasting panel can hardly wait.

You can taste the magic of Monterey County in this 2013 Pinot Noir or this 2014 Chardonnay today.

By the way, wine-focused events are held in Monterey County on a regular basis. To see what’s coming up this month, click here.

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