What Kind of Wine Should We Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Roasted Turkey on Harvest TableAs a newlywed of not quite a month, I’m dealing with a very nice conundrum: where to spend Thanksgiving Day.

Will it be at the home of my new father-in-law, or will it be at the home of my darling daughter and her family? We’re still figuring out the details, but we’ll probably spend next Thursday at one location and next Friday at the other.

And then we’ll spend next Saturday AND Sunday at the gym.

Not everyone gets to spend Thanksgiving with family, however. This is particularly true of people who may have recently relocated to a new town. Which leads us to today’s perfectly timed FAQ…

QUESTION: We’ve been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of some new neighbors in our new hometown, and would like to bring a bottle of wine to show our gratitude. What kind should we bring?

ANSWER: It depends. If you’re looking to make an impression and don’t care whether you get to share the wine with your new friends, a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon always makes a great gift.

Cabernet is not a great pairing partner for turkey or ham — it goes much better with beef — so chances are it truly will be a gift, meaning it won’t be opened that day.

Even if it turns out your new neighbors are not Cabernet drinkers, they can always re-gift the bottle and someone will get to enjoy it.

If your hope is to have the bottle opened and served with the meal, opt for a sparkling wineChampagne (from France), Prosecco (from Italy), Cava (from Spain) or a bubbly from the United States.

One more tip to encourage immediate uncorking: bring the bottle pre-chilled.

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