After-Hours Wine Sampling in Southern California

malibuwinesThere is no shortage of wineries in Southern California that offer tasting.

The “problem” is that most of them close by 5 p.m., and some even earlier than that.

So if you’re looking for a place to sample some gifts of the grape “after hours,” you have to do some looking.

In the Los Angeles area, locals have been flocking to Malibu Family Wines, a Southern California winery, for birthday parties, after-work gatherings and, in some cases, just to be seen.

Guests can choose between wines made from grapes grown on the estate, and another line crafted from Central Coast grapes. And on weekends, there’s live music.

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Up the California coast, we take on one of the great questions of our time: Can wine drinkers and beer drinkers co-exist in harmony with one another?

They can at The Wine Shed, located in San Luis Obispo.

There, locals gather to sip reds, whites and brews — and on Friday and Saturday nights, they don’t have to stop sipping until midnight.

For further information on The Wine Shed, call 805-543-9463.

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