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How to Drink Wine and Enhance the Experience

It seems like the most basic of all tasks. Simply pour wine into a glass, bring the glass to your lips… and drink. Indeed, that’s really all that’s involved in drinking wine. But if you really want to experience and

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Wine-Focused Ideas for Beating the Winter Chill

Does the winter weather have you down? You could do what hundreds of thousands of people do each winter: book a flight to Hawaii. And now, there’s one more reason for a wine lover to do exactly that. On the

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Exploring Soave: The Region and the Wine

Soave is one of the major tourism districts of Italy’s Verona area, thanks to its amazing historical and architectural sites, and its postcard-worthy vineyards. Soave wines are known for their fresh, delicate character that emphasizes the aromatic qualities of its

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Winter Beckons, But Grapevines Still Need Attention

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” The great comedian, actor and banjo player, Steve Martin, made that observation. And what better time to cite it than on the “shortest day” of 2015? Winter solstice is the day

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