A Visit to One of the World’s Great Chocolate Makers

StyleLindtStoreIn the world of chocolate, a handful of producers stand out as true master chocolatiers. One of them is Switzerland-based Lindt, which produces fine chocolates that often are described with words similar to those used to describe fine wines.

It all started in 1845, when confectioner David Sprungli-Schwarz and his inventive son, Rudolf Sprungli-Ammann, who owned a small confectionery shop in the Marktgasse of Zurich’s Old Town, decided to employ a fashionable new recipe from Italy for manufacturing chocolate in solid form.

Thirty-four years later, Rodolphe Lindt developed a technique by which he could manufacture chocolate superior to all others of that period in aroma and melting characteristics. Lindt used the “conche” he had invented, producing chocolate with the wonderfully delicate flavor and melting quality that we know and love to this day. His “melting chocolate” soon achieved fame, and contributed significantly to the worldwide reputation of Swiss chocolate.

In 1949, inspired by a heritage of chocolate making, Lindt’s master chocolatiers created a chocolate masterpiece, the iconic Lindor recipe. The delicious Lindt chocolate shell enrobes an ultimately smooth filling. Once the shell breaks, the irresistible and decadent filling starts to melt.

Today, Lindt chocolate can be found in many forms here in the United States, including bars. These exquisite treats offer layers of aromas and flavors, and the Lindt master chocolatiers encourage people to indulge all of their senses while enjoying them.

For a truly mind-blowing experience, they suggest eating a Lindt “Excellence” bar that includes a touch of sea salt alongside a glass of Pinot Noir. The pairing elevates the pleasurable flavors of both, intensifying the taste experience.

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