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A Wine-Related Proposal for Leap Day

When wineries release a new bottling, they often include an information sheet or “tech sheet” that notes their estimate of how many years the wine will last. But what happens if an estate releases a wine on February 29 of

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How Does the Alcohol in Wine Compare to Other Drinks?

TGIF! Are you going out for drinks with friends once 5 o’clock rolls around today? Or might you be planning to dine out this weekend and order a bottle of wine to accompany the meal? We want you, your friends

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Spending Oscar Night With George Clooney and an Adult Beverage

The Academy Awards will be taking place this Sunday, and whether you’ll be watching or protesting the telecast, actor George Clooney will likely close out the night with a drink or two featuring his own Casamigos tequila. Casamigos is owned

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A Classic Pairing: Chicken Divan and White Wine

Many classic dishes, like Chicken Divan, are packed with fat and calories. That’s certainly true of the original version which, despite its French-sounding name, actually was created for a contest by a chef named Lagasi. For many years, it served

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