Napa Valley Loses a Legend: R.I.P., Peter Mondavi

Orange candle burning on a black backgroundThe American wine industry and California’s Napa Valley have lost another legend. Peter Mondavi passed away on February 20 at age 101.

Peter had worked together with his brother, Robert, at Napa’s Charles Krug Winery until they had a falling out in the 1960s. Robert left to found his own self-named estate, while Peter stayed with Charles Krug. Both were obsessed with quality, but Robert operated at a much faster pace; that may have been their primary difference.

Later in life, the brothers would reconcile. Robert died in 2008 at age 94 (and 11 months).

As Peter Mondavi approached his 100th birthday, we devoted this post to the festive occasion.

Rest in peace, Mr. Mondavi. And thanks for so much great Cabernet Sauvignon through the years.

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