A Wine-Related Proposal for Leap Day

B 33265When wineries release a new bottling, they often include an information sheet or “tech sheet” that notes their estimate of how many years the wine will last.

But what happens if an estate releases a wine on February 29 of a leap year — as in, today? Since a leap year occurs only once every four years, should the “number of years” estimate actually be multiplied by four?

I wasn’t good in math, so perhaps it should be DIVIDED by four?!?

I lay awake at nights worrying about such things for our Vinesse club members and Vinesse Today blog readers…

By the way, ladies, it’s my understanding that in a leap year, you are supposed to propose marriage to a man, rather than vice versa. And here’s the good part: If the man turns you down, he must buy you 12 pairs of gloves (presumably so you can hide the shame associated with not wearing a ring).

My suggestion is to propose to as many men as you can find. You could become the Imelda Marcos of gloves.

“Researching” this post prompted me to Google “wine gloves.” And look what I found!

Frankly, I had no idea there were such things… and I’ve been drinking and writing about wine for a long time.

So, when the guy turns down your marriage proposal, be sure to ask specifically for WINE gloves.

On the other hand, if the guy happens to say yes… congratulations! And be sure to celebrate with a glass or bottle of YOUR favorite wine.

Happy Leap Day!

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