A Tasting Experience You Can Share With Friends

tastingexI’m pretty excited about the wine sampler that’s being featured by Vinesse today. Not only does it include a wonderful selection of wines, but it’s intended to do one of the things that wine does best: bring people together. You can read more about it here.

Hosting a wine party can be a lot of fun, but it also comes with some responsibility. We want our guests to have a great experience, but we also want them to get home safely.

You’ll find some good tips for hosting a wine party in this blog from last May.

Wine enjoyment is such a personal thing that today’s Vinesse sampler, and the idea behind it, truly is ingenious. By placing a well-selected mix of wines on a table next to a wide array of nibbles representing the various gustatory perceptions (otherwise known as the five traditional senses), and encourage guests to mix and match in order to identify their preferred pairings, a great deal of learning takes place.

And as any teacher will tell you, when you can make learning fun, the lesson is more likely to be remembered.

Better still: There will be no test afterward.

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