It’s OK to Drink Wine With a Frozen Dinner

Television and dinnerIf you’ve been noticing a lot of special signage and various offers in the frozen food aisle(s) at your local (super)market this month, there’s a reason: The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association has designated March as National Frozen Food Month.

This would have meant a whole lot more to me before last October 24, when I gained a new wife and a stepdaughter who like to fix dinner and get creative in the kitchen. When I was on my own and working crazy long hours, I’d often stock up the freezer with frozen meals. When it was time for dinner, I’d pick out one of the boxes, then uncork or unscrew a bottle of wine so I could enjoy a glass or two with it.

Wine with frozen dinners? Why not? It’s not how much a meal costs, but what it tastes like. Just as with home-cooked meals, picking an appropriate wine involves identifying the main flavor of the dish.

Some would say the primary flavor of frozen meals is salt, and it’s true that some are loaded with it. But many are not, and by seeking those out and carefully reading labels, you can have a satisfying meal that takes just a few minutes to prepare — as long as you have a properly functioning microwave.

And a good bottle of wine.

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