Is Your Wine Rack Ready for Entertaining?

outdoor garden party“10 Reasons to Entertain at Home.” That was the title of a fun post a few weeks ago on, and I have to agree with each and every reason listed.

Check out the basic list below, and then read the full descriptions here.

  1. No driver required.
  1. Head start on spring cleaning.
  1. Saves money.
  1. Attire is casual.
  1. You make the rules.
  1. There is no limit to creativity.
  1. You can show off.
  1. The company is good.
  1. Makes spending time with family easy.
  1. You are your own DJ.

At least four of those reasons can have a direct connection to wine. I’ll let you decide which ones.

Obviously, a great deal of entertaining is planned, and some of it well in advance. It depends on the company, their culinary and drinking preferences, and so on.

Me? If I’m going to entertain, I’m opening a bottle (or two, or three…) of wine. That means having an ample supply on hand — especially if the entertaining is arranged on short notice.

What should every home wine rack include in order to be ready for unexpected company? In my opinion, it would be at least one good red wine, one good white wine, and one good sparkling wine — like this assortment from Vinesse.

That way, you’ll have something to satisfy pretty much every palate. Most people who don’t like red wines will like whites. Most people who don’t like white wines will like sparklers. Most people who don’t like sparklers should not be your friends. (Just kidding!)

Opening a bottle of wine when friends come over is a great way to make them feel welcome, lighten the atmosphere and virtually guarantee a good time for all. When you get right down to it, isn’t that what entertaining is all about?

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